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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

~Holiday Nail-Polish Trends~

Hi you guys! Here are some color im the new OPI Winter collection.I am obsessed with nail polish and OPI's are my favorite!! :)
For a festive look glitter nail-polish can be just the ingredient you needed! Gold and silver tones are full charm and they are the perfect choice for a homemade Christmas party. There are some risks, so you should be careful how you use them, as Christmas trees are only in fashion for a short time and you don’t want to be looking like one ;)deas fro

Monday, December 20, 2010

Glamourous wavy hair for the Holidays!

Sophia Vergara's Wavy hair, Love ittt! :)

Easy hot rollers wavy hair!

Krysten Bell soft curls, take your pick! ;)

Holiday make up tips!

Christmas is definitely the most glamorous time of the year! Everywhere you look there's shiny stuff hanging on trees, doors, balkonies even across city streets! It's more than obvious that shine is the key element of the season!
-Shine on Skin
Radiant skin is a "must" for holiday looks. In order to achieve and keep a radiant complexion you need to do 2 things (besides drinking enough water!) : exfoliate and hydrate.
With exfoliating, old tired skin comes off and new fresh skin comes into the surface. It's best to exfoliate once or twice a week, especially if you're using makeup on a daily basis. (if you want to take it one step further, after exfoliating use a hydrating or deep cleansing mask-according to your needs. You will get better results from your mask on a freshly exfoliated skin)
You should never forget to moisturize your face daily, espicially after washing your face and before applying makeup. A good moisturized complexion will hold up better against harsh weather conditions and premature aging. A moisturizer will bring back lost hydration on to the skinand will also help with a smoother makeup application. (For further skin care , before applying your moisturizer you can use a serum-vitamin C, multivitamin, elastin etc...-according to your skin's needs.)
[Consult your dermatologist, pharmacist or skin expert to get the right products that meet with your skintype]
-Shine on Eyes
I always say to people: If you don't know what to use for a holiday look, just use Glitter!!!
Do your usual makeup style and then - dab on some glitter (mixed with a glitter gel) in the center of your main lid -apply a stroke of glitter eyeliner in the upper or lower lashline -(for the brave ones) apply a pair of glitter eyelashes or eyelashes that have small rhinestones glued in the lashline
-Shine on Cheeks
Powder Highlighters: choose a shimmer highlighter (pressed or loose) and lihtly dust it on your cheekbones-this will instantly bring light on to your face. If you're having a hard time choosing a highlighting colour go for a golden toned one. It's universal,never out-dated and always gorgeous! Liquid Highlighter: You can use a liquid highlighter either mixed in with your foundation (for a more all over shine) or after your foundation application and before powdering, dabbed upon certain areas (cheekbones, outer eye area, browbone, bridge of the nose, cubid's bow etc)
-Shine on Lips
Gloss Gloss Gloss!!!!!
For a more longlasting lipcolour fill in your lips with a lipliner, powder them lightly, dust off the excess, apply the lipstick of your choice, blot it gently in a piece of paper and then apply a top coat of clear gloss or coloured gloss. (for better results lipliner, lipstick and lipgloss should fall into the same colour range). Festive lipcolours are deep reds, deep pinks and golden tones.
-Shine on Body
If you're wearing a dress that leaves upper body parts bare (cleavage, arms, back etc) it's a great idea to dust on some shimmer product for a holiday party!! Prefer loose powders that have refined shimmer particles over powders that contain bigger grained glitter. It's more classy and elegant. Go for colours that are close to your skintone.